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  • Currently we participate in 25 food shows and festivals yearly between Florida & Ohio
  • Planning to expand our event participation to 25 festivals and food shows in Texas in 2015


  • Samplings during high-traffic times Pairings with fresh fish & other meats
  • Pairings with fresh fish & other meats


Customer Reviews


"We love the fact that zoltons Sauces contains all natural ingredients and tastes great."

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"Had a great time at the fest! Nice meeting you there and love the sauces!"
Charlie Boyer

sieffert"The wings were delicious. Now i want recipes!"
Linda Sieffert
March 10

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"Delicious sauce, worth checking out."
Kyle Boulton
January 8, 2013

Social Media"Hey everyone! What makes Zoltons Savory Sauce unique and different is a very dose of honney, cinnamon, garlic, and other spices added to a Louisiana style hot sauce base. This is best used as a dipping sauce, and especially as a marinade and glaze for grilled meats!"
Bill Moore (friend from youtube), 1/23/14

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"Zoltons Sauces is where flavour happens zoltonssauces.com"
Chris Maler

facebook logo"I have tried the wonderful sauce on my chicken, just delicious very special flavour."
Judy Cale(Friend on Facebook), 9/2/12

facebook logo"I highly recommend Zoltans sauces! Great with wings and grilled chicken!!"
Scoot Rose (Friend on Facebook), 12/6/12

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